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Hey folks,

The Black Act has another great review from Gef Fox. Check him out at: 
Mr. Fox is a fellow Canuckian and an avid reader. I'm smiling wide over his enjoyment of The Black Act. Check out what Gef had to say below:

"The Black Act offers a solid debut effort from an author with an inarguable passion and deft talent at making fairy tales more tangible than what I'm used to. And I think it speaks to the potential of her future work when the biggest gripe I have about the book is the choice of font--Courier was an odd choice for a dark fantasy. If you're into reading fantasies with a darker bent than most, you might want to consider this one." --Gef Fox, writer/reviewer

Check out the full review at:

Thanks tons, Gef! Gef is now entered into the Choose Your Own Character Contest. Would you like to enter? Like to check out a copy of The Black Act? Details below:

From now until Halloween, you can enter to have your favorite character from The Black Act drawn by my hubby, Steven Deikoff. Want an 8 x 11 of the Queen of Samhain, the Oak King, Anna, Claire, Borion, or Luthien? Here's how to enter:

Between now and October 31st, simply post your review of The Black Act on its Amazon or Goodreads page:

The Black Act on Amazon

The Black Act on Goodreads

and send me an email to: blackfaery76 'at' yahoo.ca to let me know your review is up. Whether the review is good or bad does not matter! Every review that goes up between now and October 31st will be entered into the contest. All you need to do is email me with your name to let me know the review is posted.

Contest closes at midnight on Halloween. I look forward to your reviews and entries! Please feel free to spread the contest all over the interwebs. I'd much appreciate it.

PS -- I'll throw in 8x 11 maps from the book as well.

PPS -- Don't have a copy of The Black Act, but want to read it? Low on cash? Like ebooks? It's only $2.99 on Kindle now!


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Sep. 12th, 2010 10:49 pm (UTC)

I thought of you yesterday wandering around the National Gallery. They're getting ready for a show of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's stuff, and they had a huge scale sculpture Peter Haas made based on his Winter on the mezzanine. It was freakishly awesome. I started ranting at my friend about The Black Act and how you'd appreciate it.

Excuse my crap cell phone pictures, but I had to share.

You should come visit DC while the show's in town! ;)
Sep. 12th, 2010 11:27 pm (UTC)
Oh, I wish I could, Katey! Thank you! :-) You know what's so funny (and rather cool)? You are the second person to compare the fae in TBA to Arcimboldo's work. My friend Rich Ristow first introduced me to Arcimboldo and I wanted to yell like Charlie Brown at Lucy, "That's it!" lol :-) Wish I could've wandered the show with you and your friend.

Take care, and thanks again for these awesome pics!
Sep. 12th, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC)
Bad grammar phookas made me lapse into past tense on that last sentence.
Sep. 12th, 2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
That IS awesome!

In truth, I pictured your fae as a bit different from Arcimboldo's stuff--more ethereal. But I thought it was an awesome commentary on the enduring influence and strength of the Celtic tradition you talked about in the Author's Note that some awesome dude 500 years ago was so obviously inspired by it too. When it comes to shared inspiration, that takes the prize, man.
Sep. 13th, 2010 12:44 am (UTC)
Well said! :-) So true. How inspiration like that can keep enduring, breathing life into future generations of imagination, is amazing. It's part of why I love learning more about different world folklore. And what is really cool is how many similarities you'll find between different cultures (like the brownie in British lore corresponding to the domovoi in Russian lore. I guess it's pretty similar to the bogie too, when I think about it).

Good call. They are very ethereal, since they sort of have one foot in our world, one foot in theirs. Another big influence on their creation was Brian Froud. I love his interpretation of Celtic folklore and its beings. :-)

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